Artifical Aquarium Plant Multi Pack - C1

Artifical Aquarium Plant Multi Pack - C1

Brief Description: This lush arrangement of underwater flora adds natural-style beauty and visual depth to your aquarium. Your pet fish will love to weave in and out of the leaves and grass that provide calming coverage, and you'll enjoy quick and easy maintenance thanks to the easy-to-clean artificial material.
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Your fish will feel like they're swimming through a lush, tropical ocean when you enhance their aquarium with the MARINELAND Red Ludwigia, Hairgrass and Ambulia Artificial Plants. Featuring a variety of rich textures, from ethereal grass to broad, beautiful leaves, this plant arrangement adds botanical style to your home while providing your fish with a safe haven where they can relax. The artificial design ensures lasting enjoyment and is simple to clean so your fish's home can stay fresh.
  • Creates a beautiful seascape in your aquarium
  • Provides your fish with the coverage they need to feel calm
  • Artificial material ensures lasting good looks and allows for easy cleaning
  • Arrangement of red ludwigia, hairgrass and ambulia species offers a rich variety of colors and textures
  • Ideal for 10- to 55-gal. aquariums
  • To install, rinse plants under warm water before placement
  • Place taller plants in the back of the aquarium and shorter plants in the front to create visual depth
  • To clean, transfer plants to a clean container, allow them to dry overnight and remove any algae or deposits with a soft-bristled brush
This Multi pack contains 1 each 6" and 9" Red Ludwigia, one 6" Hairgrass and one 9" Ambulia artificial plants.

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