Artifical Aquarium Plant Multi Pack - A2

Artifical Aquarium Plant Multi Pack - A2

Brief Description: These leafy cabomba and ambulia artificial plants add visual depth and tropical lushness to your aquarium while providing your underwater friends with coverage that makes them feel safe. The artificial material provides realistic style in a lasting, easy-to-clean design.
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Transform your aquarium into an underwater work of art with the MARINELAND Cabomba and Ambulia Artificial Plants. The leafy plants create a lush, natural environment and provide a safe sanctuary so your fish can feel at ease. The variety of heights and species makes your aquarium appear deeper and fuller, while the artificial material makes upkeep effortless.
  • Adds natural beauty and style to your aquarium
  • Provides fish with cover to reduce stress
  • Artificial material affords lasting use and easy cleaning
  • Shorter cabomba plants and taller ambulia plants create an interesting height variation and offer a leafy texture
  • Ideal for 29- to 55-gal. aquariums
To install: Rinse plants under warm water before placement.
Place taller plants in the back of the aquarium and shorter plants in the front to create visual depth.

To clean: Transfer plants to a clean container, allow them to dry overnight and remove any algae or deposits with a soft-bristled brush.

Includes: 2 cabomba, 1 X 6 in. and 1 X 9 in. and 2 ambulia plants, 1 X 12 in and 1 X 18 in.

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