Dome Reflector Black Ceramic [8.5 in.] 1Dome Reflector Black Ceramic [8.5 in.] 2

Dome Reflector Black Ceramic [8.5 in.]

Brief Description: Zilla’s premium incandescent light fixtures are designed to deliver years of heat or light to reptile terrariums. The black exterior finish is powder coated and fired for added luster and long life. An in-line on/off switch is positioned near the fixture for easy use.
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Price: $19.42

Good looks, great long-term comfort for reptile pets
  • Tolerates high temperatures from reptile heat or light bulbs

  • Tough ceramic sockets won’t break down in heat stress

  • Reflective interior, durable powder coated black exterior
The ceramic fixture is designed to accept both incandescent heat bulbs and ceramic heat emitters up to 150 watts. Reflective surface drives maximum heat and light down towards your reptile.

Add a Power Controller to automatically match on/off times to your pet’s life cycle (sold separately.)

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