Coil Bulb, Desert Series [20w] 1Coil Bulb, Desert Series [20w] 2

Coil Bulb, Desert Series [20w]

Brief Description: The Zilla Desert 50 Series Fluorescent Coil Bulb with UVB provides an extra daily dose of UVB light, essential for maintaining proper calcium metabolism and healthy bones in desert reptiles. The Desert UVB Coil Bulb delivers visible spectrum illumintaion that makes skin color more vivid and noticeable.
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Price: $44.82

The Desert UVB Coil Bulb is a high-efficiency bulb designed to fit most standard incandescent fixtures. UV Index: 2-5 at 12" distance.
  • Provides UVB light for proper calcium metabolism in desert reptiles
  • Coil design fits standard incandescent bulb sockets
  • Energy efficient lamp lowers energy costs

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