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Maxspect Gyre XF250 - Package

Brief Description: The Maxspect Gyre is the world's first "gyre"- generating water moving device for aquariums. Compared to traditional powerheads and wavemakers that are based on propeller nozzle flow technology, the Maxspect Gyre is based on advanced crossflow technology which produces massive horizontal water movement leaving little to no deadspots in its wake.

This New Gyre 200 Series features an improved controller and the ability to add a second pump (sold separately).
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Price: $439.99

Package include one pump, one advanced controller, one power supply.

New Gyre 200 Series Advanced Controller
Control two Gyre pumps simultaneoulsy
Setup different flow patterns during different times of the day
New Lunar Tidal Cycle & Oceanic Gyre Cycle

3300-4800 gph
Suitable for aquariums 50-800 gal
Mount to up to 3/4" glass or 1" glass with reinforcement mount

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4 months with no complaints. Great water movement on 6' tank, event at 20%. Really enjoy the controllability, and feeding mode.

Rated by Thomas O'Hara
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