Aquarium Atlas Vol. 4 [Hardcover]

Aquarium Atlas Vol. 4 [Hardcover]

Brief Description: The Aquarium Atlas Volume 4 presents 700 fish species, all of which are new to the series. Most are fairly recent imports, which are not covered in any detail in other aquarium books. A hard cover 892 page book with over 1,000 full colour photos.
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  • Aquarium Atlas Volume 4 illustrates and descibes about 700 catfishes, killifishes and cichlids.

  • Volume 4 introduces new species and varieties that before could only be found in widely scattered, hard to find literature.

  • Hardcover; 896 pages; 873 color photos.

  • Hans A. Baensch, Dr. RĂ¼diger Riehl

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