Phos-Zorb [1-Pouch]

Phos-Zorb [1-Pouch]

Brief Description: Specialized filtration medium in a convenient pouch that removes phosphate and silicate from fresh and saltwater aquariums.
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  • Removes phosphate, a byproduct of fish and invertebrate metabolism, certain activated carbons used in the aquarium, some fish foods, decaying organic matter such as dead algae and uneaten fish food, water conditioning products added to the aquarium water and natural weathering minerals in tap water sources.

  • Removes silicate, a natural mineral found in tap water, added to tap water to reduce iron and manganese levels.

  • Will not remove trace elements or affect pH

  • Removes the nutrients that promote the growth of unsightly algae blooms

  • Promotes the growth of reef-building corals and prevents calcium and magnesium
    precipitation caused by excessive phosphate

  • Safe for all fish, invertebrates and plants in both freshwater and marine aquariums

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