Microbe-Lift/PL [3.78 liters]

Microbe-Lift/PL [3.78 liters]

Brief Description: Specially formulated for fish ponds, lagoons and smaller water features. Microbe-Lift PL creates a cleaner environment for your pond, promoting faster fish growth, dissolves organic sludge and seeds and maintains your biological filters.
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  • Balances a pond’s ecosystem by establishing all natural biological processes required to keep water clear and clean, reduce or eliminate organic sludge buildup and seed the filter.

  • The only pond product with photosynthetic microorganisms.

  • Safe if pets drink out of a pond treated with PL.

  • When to use: Any time pond water is not as clear as you’d like, the temperature is over 8ºC. (45ºF.), there is sediment buildup on the bottom of the pond or the pond is not cycling.

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