Bedding Sani-Chips [5 Qt.]

Bedding Sani-Chips [5 Qt.]

Brief Description: T-Rex Sani-Chips Premium Heat-Treated Snake & Reptile Substrate enhances the captive environment of your scaly pet. This specially formulated, super absorbent bedding material soaks up moisture and odors while resisting mold and decay. This helps keep your pet snake or reptile's cage or terrarium clean, healthy, and smelling fresh.
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Price: $6.31

  • Developed for snakes, perfect for many other reptiles
  • Enhanced clumping capability for easy spot cleaning
  • Manufactured from renewable resources
  • Absorbs moisture and odors & resists mold and decay
  • Breeder tested & recommended, safe for research facilities

  • Non-toxic & dust free

Ideal bedding for corn snakes, king snakes, leopard geckos, and more.

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