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ReptiSun 10.0 Compact Fluorescent [26 watt]

Brief Description: Get the quality of Zoo Med’s ReptiSun linear fluorescents with this Compact Fluorescent with threaded base that fits into any standard clamp-lamp, no separate ballast to buy! Helps prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease in captive reptiles.
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Reptisun 10.0 provides UVB, UVA and visible light.

UVB: UVB wavelengths help prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease in captive reptiles.

UVA: UVA wavelengths help to induce mating, feeding and other natural behaviors in lizards, turtles, tortoises, snakes, and amphibians.

Used and recommended by zoos, veterinarians, and top reptile professionals.

Simulates sunlight and helps turtles & tortoises develop strong, healthy shells.

UVB, combined with heat, enables Vitamin D3 synthesis which is responsible for calcium metabolism.

Just like we need the sun, reptiles need specialized lighting in order to thrive. Without proper lighting, reptiles can become sick and can develop Metabolic Bone Disease. With ReptiSun lighting, your pet reptile can live a long, healthy life providing years of enjoyment.

LAMP DISTANCE: This lamp will provide beneficial UVB up to 9″ from the lamp to the basking site. *See enclosed instructions for additional information.

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