Super Battery Powered Vacuum/Gravel Cleaner

Super Battery Powered Vacuum/Gravel Cleaner

Brief Description: An effective way to clean and maintain your home aquarium. The Super Battery Vac contains an algae vacuum scraper, power siphon, a larger impeller which creates more suction, a telescoping locking extension tube and a re-usable filter bag. This device also makes it easy and less messy to do a water change on your home aquarium. Size: 23 inches long.
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The Penn Plax Super Battery Vac Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner contains stronger and more powerful cleaning action. Features an adjustable extension (with locking system) for deeper aquariums.

Clean your aquarium without getting your hand wet
Super Batter Vac Extension tube can reach up to 21" deep
Battery powered motor (requires 2 "C" batteries, not included)

Convenient on/off switch, algae vacuum scraper, larger impeller creates more suction, re-usable filter bag and telescoping locking extension tube for larger aquariums. Can also be used to do small water change. Simply attach 1/2" hose (not supplied) to spout or use hose adapter (for 5/8" inner diameter tubing).

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