T5 Actinic White 34\" 39w/60w
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T5 Actinic White 34" 39w/60w

Brief Description: URI has established itself as the hobby favorite with their popular VHO lamps and now they're continuing this with their T5 line. T5 lamps are unmatched in their output and intensity due their reflective possibilities.
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  • Advanced Technology makes this the first lamp to light and remain stable at either 39 watts (standard HO ballast) or 60 watts (IceCap Ballast).

  • True 12,000K T5 (Actinic White). No color shift.

  • Utilizes a proprietary blend of unique phosphors exclusive only to UVL (URI). Dual coated phosphor and long mounted filaments to achieve long life.

  • UV Lighting, formerly known as Ultraviolet Resources International (URI), is the pioneer in duplicating the natural environment for fish, corals, plants and reptiles.

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