Ultra Sun Trichromatic [48 in.]  - 23 AVAILABLE

Ultra Sun Trichromatic [48 in.] - 23 AVAILABLE

Brief Description: Zoo Med Ultra Sun Trichromatic Bulb is ideal for all marine aquariums, reef tanks, and freshwater aquariums where maximum daylight simulation is required. This 6500K high intensity full spectrum light is on average effective for up to 10,000 hours. It has a balanced coverage of the full spectrum of visible light as well as UVA which will promote the photosynthetic processes in plants and marine algae while enhancing the natural beauty of the aquarium.
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Promotes photosynthetic processes in plants and marine algae. Ideal for all freshwater and marine fish as well as reef tanks.

Zoo Meds line of fluorescent aquarium lamps are made in Europe for ultra high quality, color, and longer burn life.

Energy saving T-8 sizes can save you up to $30.00 per year in electricity over the thicker T-12 size lamps! Effective up to 10,000 hours.

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