SpectraPure Standard TFC Membrane [90 GPD]

SpectraPure Standard TFC Membrane [90 GPD]

Brief Description: Replacement TFC membrane fits all standard Reverse Osmosis (RO) units including SpectraPure, Kent, Ultralife, Sandpoint, Dow, Coralife, Culligan and many others.
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  • SpectraPure standard membranes are un-tested versions of the SpectraSelect membranes. They are not "rejects"; they just haven't gone through rigorous testing procedures. They are treated with a proprietary process to enhance the rejection and production rates and are QC batch tested to insure rated performance within manufacturer tolerances.

  • The membranes produce the rated GPD ± 20% at 60 psi.
    Minimum Rejection = 96%; Stabilized Salt Rejection = 98%. (Permeate flow and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 250 ppm TDS, 77°F (25°C), 15% recovery and the specified applied pressure).

  • These membranes are standard equipment in SpectraPure's MPRO, MPDI, CSP, CSPDI, MaxCap RO/DI and all Drinking Water Systems.

  • All membranes up to 90 GPD will fit in SpectraPure's standard membrane housing. The standard membrane is also available as a replacement option for most competitors' reverse osmosis systems.

  • Membranes must be matched with flow restrictors. Always change the flow restrictor when changing membrane size on a system.

  • Tip: If you need to replace the membrane, take the opportunity to increase your Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems production rate by purchasing a membrane with a higher flow rate along with a matching flow restrictor. E-mail or call for further information.

  • Image shown is the SpectraPure Standard 60 gallon per day membrane.

Cole's Notes: Membrane Replacement.

Only purchase a RO replacement membrane when it's needed unless you think you'll need to replace it shortly and would like to have one on hand. Wet membranes can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 1 year. (Keep it in its sealed, original packaging). If the membrane dries out, it will not produce water.

Under normal use, a membrane can be expected to last approximately 2 years but they should be tested every 6 months or so. A TDS meter can give a good indication when it's time to change the membrane. Measure the TDS of both the feed water and product water. If the rejection rate is 95% or better, the membrane is okay. If not, it's time to replace it.

The higher the rejection rate, the better. A 2% difference in the rejection rate can save you big $$$ in DI cartridges. You'll only need to replace your DI cartridge half as often using a membrane with a rejection rate of 98% versus one with a 96% rejection rate. That's a good reason to buy a membrane with a higher rejection rate like SpectraPure membranes. All of their membranes are subjected to a proprietary process which increases their rejection ratio over the membranes purchased by other vendors, even from the same supplier.

When it is time to replace your membrane, its a good idea to consider boosting the output of your RO unit. For example, the capacity of a 25, 50 or 60 gpd RO or RO/DI can be increased to a 90 gpd just by purchasing a 90 gpd membrane and matching flow restrictor.

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