Boyd Vita-Chem Marine [473 mL]

Boyd Vita-Chem Marine [473 mL]

Brief Description: VITA-CHEM is a pre-stabilized multi-vitamin that is both water and tissue soluble. It is great for fin regeneration and Lateral Line Disease.
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  • Brings out the natural colors in fish.

  • Pre-stabilized multi-vitamin that is water and tissue soluble; Great for fin regeneration and lateral line disease.

  • Has 37 added naturally occurring extracts from live organisms bonded with natural occurring amino acids.

  • It is the only solution that contains what fish receive in their natural environment and which is lost in captivity.

  • Ingredients: Ascorbic acid, marine algae's (ulva and kelp), marine sponges (clionacliona), marine plankton extract, biotin, soluble brewers yeast, cobalamine concentrate, l-lysine, HCL, d-alpha tocopherol, insitol, folic acid, hydrochloride monihydrate.

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