API Stress Coat [473 mL]

API Stress Coat [473 mL]

Brief Description: Removes chlorine and chloramines instantly. Detoxifies heavy metals, and contains Aloe Vera to protect and heal fish.
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  • Forms a synthetic slime coating on the skin of fish, replacing the natural secretion of slime that is lost during netting, handling, shipping, fighting and other forms of stress.

  • A patented water conditioner suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums, water gardens and ponds. Contains Aloe Vera, which acts as a liquid bandage, to protect and heal damaged fish tissue.

  • Instantly removes chlorine and heavy metals such as copper and zinc from tap water. Also removes chloramines by breaking the chlorine-ammonia bond.

  • Stress Coat can be used with freshwater tropical fish, marine fish, invertebrates and coldwater species including koi and goldfish.

  • Will not harm aquatic plants. May cause foaming in marine aquariums using a protein skimmer. Will not interfere with water test kits.

  • Treats 3,634 L

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