Two Little Fishies Aqua Stick Stone Grey Epoxy [114 g]

Two Little Fishies Aqua Stick Stone Grey Epoxy [114 g]

Brief Description: AquaStik Stone Grey Underwater Epoxy Putty for marine and freshwater aquariums, Ponds and Paludariums. Also useful in Reptile & Small Animal habitats. Neutral color. Non-toxic to fish, plants & small animals. Cures dry, damp, or even underwater.
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Epoxy putty is widely used around the aquarium hobby because it is non-toxic and easy to use. The colour of the putty allows it to blend in with its surroundings making it easier to hide than other types of adhesives used in aquariums. Stone Grey is suggested for new tank builds with fresh dry rock or new frag plugs. The Coralline Purple is ideal for existing tanks that have coralline algae growing on rocks and you want to add frags or larger corals without noticing the epoxy.

It is recommended to use a minimal amount since most corals will grow over the adhesive in a matter of weeks. We suggest using and mixing small amounts at a time due to the quick setting nature of epoxy putties. On average you will have about 5 to 15 minutes of working time once mixing is completed. The epoxy cures in dry air, damp conditions, or even underwater.

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