Pondmaster® Fountain-Mag™ Pump [65 gph]

Pondmaster® Fountain-Mag™ Pump [65 gph]

Brief Description: This small yet powerful pump can be used for small table top fountains, statuary and aquariums. Operates submerged or in less than 1/2" of water.
  • Product No. PDDA-02510 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $28.66

  • Flow Rate: 65 gallons per hour maximum with a 18" shut-off.
    Built-in adjustable flow control.

  • Outlet/Inlet Size: No thread. Output can use 1/2" or 3/8" I.D. tubing.

  • Power Consumption: 6 watts.

  • Pump Size: 2.0"H x 2.25"L x 1.6W".

  • 6` grounded power cord.

  • 1 year manufacturer`s warranty.

For pumps used in Saltwater or Hardwater applications. The magnetic impeller assembly should be removed and cleaned every six weeks in order to remove calcium and mineral deposits. The following procedure is recommended.

  • Remove the face plate and disassemble the impeller assembly by removing one end cap (you may need to pull with some force) and sliding the magnet body off the shaft. Note the position of any washers used behind the end caps.

  • Soak the shaft and magnet body in a bath of undiluted white vinegar for a minimum of 8 hours, or over night. (Note: keeping a spare impeller to "switch off" with while cleaning the current impeller will avoid shutting down your system for 8 hours.)

  • Gently scrub both pieces with a tooth brush, under running water, to clean off any calcium or scale accretions which may have accumulated. While you have it apart, be sure to check all parts for uneven wear or damage.

  • Reassemble parts, taking care to replace the nylon washers, re-insert the impeller assembly and replace the cover and screws.

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