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Phoenix 14K 250W DE Metal Halide Bulb

Brief Description: The Phoenix "HexArc Blue" 250 Watt 14K Aquatic Metal Halide Lamp is great for bringing out the coloration of fish and corals while providing excellent intensity for growth. Phoenix "HexArc Blue" 14K 250 watt lamps feature the best combination of Color Balance and Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) quality available for aquarium and reef system lighting.
  • Product No. MHPH-20622 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $99.99

    Features and Benefits:

  • 14,000 Kelvin Color Temperature (Crisp White Light/Blue Tint)

  • The Best Combination of Color and PAR

  • Excellent With or Without Actinic Supplementation

  • Operate on a HQI Metal Halide Ballast, Pulse-Start Ballast or Electronic Ballast

  • Excellent Choice for Reef Tanks 22" to 30" in Depth

  • Made in Japan

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