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Marco Rocks [1 lbs]

Brief Description: 1 Pound of Marco Rock from Key Largo -- Pre-Cured Natural calcium carbonate rock. Average size 4-7 lbs.. Some up to 20 lbs or more.
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The best base rock you will find for your aquarium. Marco Rock dry base rock is the most porous, lightweight and has the greatest surface area of any rock we have seen.

This rock does not contribute to the destruction of marine habitats. It is a quarried rock, quarried on land from an extinct reef, a reef buried when the Florida land mass was formed so you're guaranteed a 100% pest free, clean start.

A great looking rock that stays put and "stacks" like a dream, making those long frustrating hours of aquascaping, re-aquascaping and chasing avalanches a thing of the past. Ask anyone that has worked with it, there's something unique about the structure and shapes that make each piece want to "interlock".

In an average 50 pound box you will expect to find 3-4 football sized pieces and an assortment of smaller sizes to fill and round out the box for weight. We don't pack rubble rock in these boxes, however we do add 1-2 lbs to make up for rubble that may occur during shipping.

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Thank you so much for this quick order. I ordered on Thursday and received it on Tuesday, now that's quick. Thank u for that. As far as these rocks go, they are awesome. They were very clean, I still just rinsed it well and Added to my tank. Fishes are loving these new rocks. They increased the Ph quite fast, fishes now more happy with better colors. Will definitely order again. Also ordered Caribsea cichlid sand, The directions on sand says dont rinse, but trust me you have to rinse well, I rinsed it like 4 times and still had clouds but it disappeared in an hour or less. If i would've rinsed for 8 times i wouldn't probably see any clouds and rinse the rocks as well just to stay on safe side. here is a video of my tank do watch. Cheers.

Rated by Waleed Muhammad

Awesome customer service. Great products great prices. Great selection of dry rock. Perfect for scaping and piecing

Rated by Amy L. from Hamilton

I was a little hesitant about ordering these rocks online, I was worried I would get shipped a box of rubble. The rocks came and they were beautiful I couldn’t have picked them better myself. There were a couple broken pieces but those little pieces were great for filling in holes. Very happy with the purchase I would definitely order again.

Rated by Peter G. from Oshawa

really happy with my order of marco rock. it really stacks well with interlocking crevices. It is is very porous and has great potential for bacterial growth in the tank. I cant wait to get my new tank cycled

Rated by Avish Vohra
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