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LED Bubble Wand White [8'']

Brief Description: Marineland LED Bubble Wands are a great way of adding accent lighting and aeration in one unique product. Large suction cups hold tightly to glass or can function as an anchor when wands are installed in the gravel bed. Available in four colors: White, Blue, Red and Green.
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  • Fully submersible aquarium LED accent lighting with built-in airstone

  • Create beautiful underwater aquarium effects with light and bubbles

  • 6 LED linear light system add striking light effects in any aquarium

Enhance your aquarium with decorative light and air bubbles from a single, easy-to-install unit. Fully submersible linear LED accent light has 6 LEDs for striking light effects in any aquarium setup. Built-in airstone produces a curtain of air bubble to promote proper gas exchange. The LED Bubble Wand boasts low heat emission and low energy consumption. Includes suction cup mount and 10 ft long power cord. The LED Bubble Wand measures 8-1/2" x 1-1/8" high. For fresh or saltwater aquariums.

Please specify Moonlight Blue, White, Red, or Green.

  • Verify all components. Make sure the airstone in securely in place.

  • Attach airline tubing (sold separately) to air inlet on the LED Bubble Wand.

  • Connect airline tubing to your air pump.

  • Connect power cord to transformer.

  • Position the LED Bubble Wand in your aquarium.

  • Secure LED Bubble Wand with included suction cups.

  • Connect the transformer and air pumps to any standard wall electrical outlet. Remember to first fashion a drip loop and instal a check valve if your air pump is located below your aquarium.

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