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LED Bubble Wand Colour Changing [20"]

Brief Description: The Marineland Colour Changing LED Bubble Wand creates a stunning underwater effect with shimmering lights and bubbles. It is a fully submersible, 16 LED system that automatically cycles through vibrant colours, while making the circulation and oxygen exchange in the water better with even-flowing bubbles.
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20” LED Bubble Wand with Auto Color Changing LEDs
  • Great for 24” and larger aquariums; use 2 in a 48” long aquarium.
  • The 16 LED’s create a unique and striking light effect in any aquarium
  • Includes 4 repositionable suction cups for secure installation to the bottom or back of an aquarium

Each of the LED Bubble Wands and Rings feature:
  • Built in air stone creates a curtain of air bubbles for improved oxygenation
  • Low voltage UL listed adapter has low energy consumption
  • The LED light makes a great night light
  • Use in freshwater or marine aquariums
  • 10 ft long power cord
  • On/Off Switch for the LEDs

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