Red Devil Cone Protein Skimmer RDC 850
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Red Devil Cone Protein Skimmer RDC 850

Brief Description: This RDC-850 in sump protein skimmer is missing the needle wheel low wattage pump but is otherwise new in box.

With a cone transition and bubble plate design the RDC-850 in sump protein skimmer allows foam to accumulate more steadily through a gently sloping reaction chamber, reducing overall turbulence, resulting in more efficient skimming. With the pump (not included) mounted inside the reaction chamber, this skimmer is especially suitable for systems requiring a small footprint.
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  • Cone shape reaction chamber

  • Removable skimmer body/bubble plate design

  • Extreme performance needle wheel impellers

  • Dual venturi air intake unit

  • Smooth twist collection cup for easy cleaning / maintenance.

  • Made with top quality cast acrylic, skimmers are ozone friendly.

  • Air intake silencer for needle wheel pump included.

About the pump

The German designed pump has been an industry leader for decades. Outstanding Pinwheel Needle Wheel Impeller produces the perfect size bubble thus creating superior foam for best waste removal. To get this skimmer fully functional you can add a ROCK SP2000 Skimmer Pump.

  • Skimmer type: Internal type/In Sump

  • Size(diameter Inches): 5.9"/20"

  • Pump Red Devil SP3 (Not Included)

  • Power 13W

  • Total Air intake: Max 700 LPH

  • Max. size of the tank (us gal): 225

  • Recommended tank size: 90-225 us gallons

  • Footprint (Inches): 9.5"/6.7"

  • 1 Year Warranty

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