Boyd Chemi Clean [6 g] - Treats 900 gals

Boyd Chemi Clean [6 g] - Treats 900 gals

Brief Description: Chemiclean cleans stains from red, black, blue-green, and methane (bubble) producing cyanobacteria in marine aquariums.
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It is completely safe for all fish, corals, invertebrates, desirable macro algae, and nitrifying bacteria in reef systems. It’s simple, quick and easy to use. Chemiclean works within 48 hours oxidizing trapped organic sludge and promotes an ideal enzyme balance. Chemiclean will clean stains from red cyanobacteria in aquariums.
  • Removes disease causing red cyano bacteria (red slime) from live coral.
  • Oxidizes trapped organic sludge and sediment and clarifies aquarium water to crystal clear.
  • Promotes ideal enzyme bacteria.
  • Safe for reef tanks, all invertebrates, desirable macro algae, nitrifying bacteria and fish.
  • Treats 900 gallons.

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