Boxwood Plant Mat [5 in. X 5 in.] 1Boxwood Plant Mat [5 in. X 5 in.] 2Boxwood Plant Mat [5 in. X 5 in.] 3

Boxwood Plant Mat [5 in. X 5 in.]

Brief Description: This Marineland Boxwood Plant Mat is a great addition to any aquarium. The plants provide beauty to your aquarium and offer hiding places for your fish. Cut the mat into smaller plantings to create a lush habitat throughout your aquarium.
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  • Adds beauty to your aquarium
  • Provides hiding places for your fish.
  • Rinse plants under warm water before placement; trim grid to create smaller plantings; bury grid under gravel.
  • To clean the plant mat, simply transfer plants to a clean container and allow to dry overnight; remove any algae or deposits with a soft bristled brush.
  • Each plant grid is 5.25" Long x 5.25" Wide x 3" Tall

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