Artifical Aquarium Plant Multi Pack - A3

Artifical Aquarium Plant Multi Pack - A3

Brief Description: Marineland Tall Plastic Plant Assortment provides your aquarium with beautiful and vibrant synthetic plants to really accent your fish and other aquarium decor. These decorative plants are incredibly easy to place and are long-lasting with little to no maintenance involved. Each plant includes a plastic anchor base.
  • Product No. PLML-90542 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $12.81

  • Varied assortments of tall plastic plants
  • Adds scenery and hiding places to your aquarium
  • Each realistic detailed plant includes a plastic anchor base
This Multi 4 Pack contains 1 - 6" Red Ludwigia, 1 - 12" Red Bacopa and 1 - 9" and 1 - 18" Jungle Val plant.

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