Reptile Bedding and Litter [5 lbs]

Reptile Bedding and Litter [5 lbs]

Brief Description: Contains natural alfalfa, a fibrous component that is easily digestible. The bacteriostatic agent in the bedding helps reduce germ and bacterial growth. Ideal for Bearded Dragons, Iguanas, Land Tortoises, Monitors & Uromastyx.
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Readily digestible...unless you’re a bacterium
Carnivorous reptiles need a bedding that won’t be harmful when accidentally digested. Alfalfa meal provides this trait, plus a reptile-safe bacteriostatic agent that keeps both bacterial and germ growth to a minimum. The result is a healthier habitat that stays fresher longer. This 100% natural material is made in the USA, and its biodegradable, herbivorous composition makes it a rich addition to any compost.
  • Easily Digestible
  • Reduces Germs and Bacteria
  • Safe for Carnivorous Reptiles

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