Cypress Bedding [10 Qt.]

Cypress Bedding [10 Qt.]

Brief Description: This premium, tropical substrate is twice-milled for a cleaner, safer, and ultimate ground cover. Cypress Bed is manufactured from renewable resources and is breeder tested and recommended. Cypress Bed is a humidity-holding substrate which is great for Boas, Tortoises, Hermit Crabs and Crested Geckos.
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Cypress Bed by T-Rex perfect for humid or arid type environments, very absorbent, easily spot cleaned, non-toxic, and bug free.
  • Twice Milled Cypress for Softness and Cleanliness
  • Recommended for High Humidity Habitats
  • Eco-friendly, manufactured from a Renewable Source
  • Emulates Natural Decor
  • Resist Mold and Decay
  • Breeder Tested and Recommended

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