Ceramic Clamp Lamp w/switch [10 in.] 1Ceramic Clamp Lamp w/switch [10 in.] 2

Ceramic Clamp Lamp w/switch [10 in.]

Brief Description: Bathing your reptile in the soothing warmth and light of Fluker's Clamp Lamps not only aides the regulation of your special cold-blooded companions, but also helps create and maintain a healthy environment for them. Developed specifically for use with terrariums and other types of reptile habitats, these clamp lamps help to effectively provide reptiles and amphibians with the heat and light their bodies require.
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Equipped with a ceramic socket, this special clamp-on heat lamp fixture is ideal for use with an incandescent bulb or other ceramic heat-emitting bulbs up to 250 watts. Made with convenience in mind, these special reptile lamps can be utilized in a variety of locations and positions to best accommodate your desert or tropical terrarium. Available in different sizes equipped for different wattage emission (from 75 watts to 250 watts), each of these convenient reptile clamp lamps has a six-foot cord that features a polarized plug for added safety and to ensure proper use.
  • Heavy-duty, professional grade metal reflector
  • 6' cord with polarized plug
  • Ceramic socket
  • Spring-loaded, swivel head clamp
  • For incandescent bulbs or ceramic heat emitters

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