Day White Incandescent Spot Bulb [75 watts]

Day White Incandescent Spot Bulb [75 watts]

Brief Description: This bulb simulates the natural photo-environment of a desert or tropical habitat while generating a heat source needed for a healthy reptile environment. Photons from the daylight spot bulb provides a focused beam of heat and light that pass through the glass heating the opposing surface, creating a direct basking spot for reptile.
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This bulb is made from glass containing rare earth neodymium phosphors and produces a brighter, whiter light. This full-spectrum lamp emits energy across all visible wavelengths from 400nm to 700nm and UVA rays from 315nm to 400nm.
  • Provides focused lighting and heat source ideal for reptile basking areas.
  • Simulates the natural daytime photo-environment of the reptile‚Äôs habitat.

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