Mag Drive 350 GPH Pump w/Venturi & FRAC Impeller

Mag Drive 350 GPH Pump w/Venturi & FRAC Impeller

Brief Description: Features front-mount adjustable venturi intake. Unique ceramic shaft air fractionating impeller design. Includes 18" vinyl aerating tube with noise suppressing muffler, resuable debris pre-filter, and 10' grounded power cord. Operates submerged or inline.
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Price: $132.44

  • Front-Mount Adjustable Venturi

  • Unique Ceramic Shaft Fractionating Impeller Design

  • 18" Vinyl Aerating Tube with Noise-Suppressing Muffler

  • Reusable Debris Pre-Filter

  • Operates Submerged or In-Line

  • 10' Grounded Power Cord

  • ½" FPT Inlet, MPT Outlet and Venturi is Barbed to Accept ¾" Flexible Tubing.


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