1 1/2 in. Slip Bulkhead - Requires 2 1/2 in. hole

1 1/2 in. Slip Bulkhead - Requires 2 1/2 in. hole

Brief Description: Lifegard heavy wall bulkheads are constructed of the highest impact resistant PVC which eliminates the possibility of finding hidden cracks when filling your aquarium.
  • Product No. BHRB-30922 - In Stock
Price: $10.99

This bulkhead is slip on both the flanged side (where you can add a strainer or elbow) and on the backside, where you can glue in a PVC pipe.

1 1/2 in. SLIP on the inside top and bottom of the bulkhead.
Colour is black to blend in with the aquarium background
Includes bulkhead, nut and rubber gasket

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