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Neptune Magnetic Probe Rack

Brief Description: Neptune's Magnetic Probe Rack is the perfect product for anyone with an existing Apex or those using probes with other controllers. The Magnetic Probe Rack has four locations for probes so it can hold your pH, ORP, salinity, and temperature probes.
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Price: $59.93

Organizes up to four probes
Designed specifically for the Apex Controller probes
Built with an all acrylic weather and shatter resistant design
Secured with Neodymium magnets that will hold through up to 1/2″ thick sumps

Neptune's Magnetic Probe Rack is the only probe holder on the market that has a hole large enough to accept the Apex temperature probe from the top.

The magnets are incredibly strong and will easily hold the MPR to the side of thickest of sumps (up to at least 1/2"). It is stylishly designed and priced on par with other probe holders on the market

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