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Neptune Automatic Feeding System

Brief Description: A key component of caring for aquatic animals is regularly providing them with food, but in amounts that get consumed immediately so as not to pollute the aquarium. On top of that, most species do best when they are fed all throughout the day. Add an Automatic Feeder to your Neptune Apex Controller and feed your fish consistently, and safely, while home or away.
  • Product No. CNNE-AFS - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $134.93

Feeds pellet or flake food in varying amounts
Apex can be set so that the AFS will feed from one time to as many times as you like throughout the day
Connects via the Apex AquaBus
“Stay-dry” system has a sealed container that extends and retracts for each feeding, keeping food dry.
The lowest setting feeds just a few grains of pellet food so multiple small feedings are possible
Allows for optimal feeding — small amounts many times a day
Feedings can be combined with other operations such as powering off return pumps, skimmer, etc.
Adjustable mounting clip extends up to two inches (or velcro can be used) so it will work in almost every configuration.
Includes 15′ AquaBus Cable

The AFS connects to your Apex using a standard AquaBus cable. And, since there are two AquaBus connectors on the AFS, you can daisy-chain multiple feeders together. This is the perfect solution if you are going to be away from your tank for an extended period of time and need the extra capacity, or if you wanted to feed two different types of food.

A common issue for most aquarium autofeeders is moisture getting into the food, making it clump or cake and clogging up. The AFS has a motorized food delivery system that automatically extends and retracts into the housing for each feeding. And, the food container has a built-in gasket that seals out all moisture once it is retracted. Pretty cool, huh!?

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Works well, no issues. I programmed 2X food drops a day, and add additional feedings remotely, while away from home.

Rated by Dax Torti

Like it! Works great! But kinda noisy and sort of cheap feeling for the price of them..

Rated by Rob G. from Hamilton
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