Eshopps Eclipse Overflow Box Kit - [Small]

Eshopps Eclipse Overflow Box Kit - [Small]

Brief Description: The Eclipse overflow box by Eshopps is a minimalistic design with a slim and clean black box that features a new to way to effectively transport water to your sump while killing noise levels. This customizable project is a very simple plug and play overflow system that requires installation.
  • Product No. OFES-95860 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $155.99

Slim and Compact Design to suit any aquarium set-ups
Slim black box design
Come with a Red PVC for safety purpose
Template and Hole Saw included to help with installation
Black lid cover to quiet the noise of water flow

Eclipse Small Specifications:
Outside Box: 6x3x6
Inside Black Box: 6x1.25x6
Through Bulkhead: 1.5" (use with 60 mm Drill bit -INCLUDED)
Drain Bulkheads: 2 x 1"
Tank usage: up to 75g, 600 GPH

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