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AquaticLife Classic Dual Deionization Unit

Brief Description: Aquatic Life Classic Deionization 10-Inch System with Color Changing Mixed Bed Resin Cartridges.
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Water purity is usually measured by the amount of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water. After water is filtered by an RO Membrane (not included), there is usually a small amount of TDS left in the water – for aquarium applications it is important to remove the remaining TDS from the water. This is accomplished by filtering the water through a resin that is charged with Cation and Anion resins (H+ and OH-). As the resin absorbs the TDS, it will change color. When the entire resin has changed color, it is time to replace the DI Cartridge.

  • Mixed bed resin contains Cation and Anion resins (H+ and OH-) remove the remaining total dissolved solids (TDS) from membrane-filtered water
  • The resin changes to amber color when media is exhausted
  • Includes 2 x 10" Mixed Bed Color Changing Resin Cartridges, mounting brackets, wrenches and ¼ inch tubing making installation and maintenance easy.

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