Sicce Whale 350-500 Cover O-Ring + 2 In-Out O-Rings

Sicce Whale 350-500 Cover O-Ring + 2 In-Out O-Rings

Brief Description: OEM Replacement Part
  • Product No. CPSI-C498 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
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I needed a replacement quick-disconnect fitting for my Whale 500 filter and could not find anyone in the US who had the part or would order it. Eventually I came across Dan Cole at Mail Order Pet Supplies in Hamilton, Ontario Canada via the internet, and he stepped-up to the challenge and used his North American Distributor to pursue and secure the part. Which was (apparently) quite a rare item. The part was ordered and received by the US Distributor, then mailed to Dan in Ontario, whereupon he mailed it to a Vancouver, BC buddy of mine (couldn't do direct mail to the US), and my buddy mailed it to me in Bellingham, Washington, USA. Notably, this was all just before the coronavirus shut down the supply line out of Italy, and it had to cross the Atlantic once and the US-Canadian twice. Fortunately, Dan Cole stayed on top of the process and the part is now safely in my hands; sanitized several times in route to ensure health safety. My 30+ African cichlids in the 110 gallon aquarium will never know the trouble we went through to maintain their Sicce filter, but I think they are grateful for the clear moving water. And I am grateful to Dan Cole at MOPS for his willingness and dedication to the long-shot, international task at hand. Five Thumbs-up. John, 64 y/o, new to the hobby.

Rated by John P. from Bellingham
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