Neptune LD-2 Solid Surface Leak Detection Probe

Neptune LD-2 Solid Surface Leak Detection Probe

Brief Description: The LD-2 is a full size leak detection probe that is compatible with the Neptune FMM module. It does not work with Neptune's ALD module. The full size sensor is great for inside of your stand, on hard floors, on top of skimmer cups and any other area where a leak, or overflow may cause an issue.
  • Product No. CNNE-LD2 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $44.93

Be notified if there is ever a leak before it turns into a disaster. Connecting the LD-2 Leak Detector to the FMM module will allow your Apex Controller to notify you if water ever touches the sensor. There are many applications for leak detectors from water on floor warnings, skimmer cup overflows and much more.

Compatible with FMM
Weighted to stay flat
Can be placed almost anywhere

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