AquaticLife Reno Blue/White Clamp Lamp LED [9 in. 6w] 1AquaticLife Reno Blue/White Clamp Lamp LED [9 in. 6w] 2

AquaticLife Reno Blue/White Clamp Lamp LED [9 in. 6w]

Brief Description: The Aquatic Life Reno LED Clamp Light is great for nano aquariums. Sports Blue and White LED’s for Saltwater/Marine life and fishes. Adjustable width Frame Mounts hold fixture securely above aquarium.
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Price: $34.99

Fixture features a 6-foot powercord with a durable on/off rocket switch for lighting control. A plastic clamp easily mounts to most rimless aquariums up to 8mm (0.315") thick and the gooseneck allows you to easily position the light. Twelve 0.5W White LED diodes provides great spectrum for refugiums and small nano aquariums.

9-Inch Blue/White LED Aquarium Clamp Light Fixture. LED`s: (12) 0.5W

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