Sicce CO2 Life 2 [for up to 75 gallons] 1Sicce CO2 Life 2 [for up to 75 gallons] 2

Sicce CO2 Life 2 [for up to 75 gallons]

Brief Description: SICCE CO2 Life: The Safest and Easiest System On the Market! CO2 Life is a patented carbon dioxide delivery system which does not require any bottles or other external equipment. It works using a carbon cartridge which ensures a continual and consistent release of carbon dioxide by electrolysis. CO2 Life does not create sudden pH changes to the aquarium.
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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is fundamental for healthy and luxurious growth of plants in the aquarium. CO2 is essential to photosynthesis, the process by which light energy is converted to chemical energy that is stored as carbohydrates and sugars in plants. Plants require light energy, CO2, and H2O to make carbohydrates and sugars. Aquarium plants cannot capture free CO2 from the air. For photosynthesis to proceed, aquarium plants must capture CO2 from water. Photosynthesis produces a by-product critical to life in both aquatic and terrestrial environments - oxygen.

Advantages of CO2 fertilization system
1. Luxurious and healthy growth of plants and a more natural environment for fish
2. Increased photosynthesis by plants resulting in higher oxygen levels for fish
3. pH stability - pH can be maintained at optimal levels for fish and plants through the production of carbonic acid
4. Aquarium fish thrive in slightly acidic water due to the beneficial effects on their extremely delicate skin
5. The formation of calcareous deposits on the rim of the aquarium is avoided
6. Plant growth reduces the prevalence of unsightly algae
The CO2 Life delivery system is a simple and effective approach to an operation traditionally practiced by advanced hobbyists that now makes it easy for every hobbyist to have a thriving, vibrant aquarium with live plants.

CO2 Life continuously releases CO2 slowly and consistently into the water without the necessity of constantly monitoring pH and re-adjusting CO2 levels. The unique design of CO2 Life prevents over production of CO2, which could damage an aquarium ecosystem. CO2 Life is easy, fast, and safe.

Advantages over other CO2 systems available in the market:
• CO2 Life is a Complete System - All In One Setting
• Easy and quick to install use
• Constant reliable release of CO2
• Adjustable release
• Major components are engineered to maximize CO2 output
• 3-4 month supply of Carbon then you just replace the cartridge
• The CO2 Life system furnishes an aquarium up to 75 gallons
• The CO2 Life carbon plate is the highest quality available on the market. Inferior products contain 35%-40% binder and only 60% carbon
• The design is compact and efficient

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