CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media [750 mL]

CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media [750 mL]

Brief Description: Two Little Fishies CDX Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media helps maintain and elevate aquarium pH by removing CO2 (carbon dioxide) introduced through a protein skimmer. Excess CO2 is a problem because it dissolves into aquarium water amd depresses the average pH. Simply pour the CDX into a tall columnar reactor such as the Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor and connect the CDX-filled reactor to your protein skimmer's air intake hose.
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Introduce carbon dioxide adsorption into your system if your tank continuously suffers from low pH. This can be caused when aquariums are in closed air buildings.

Add CDX media into your PhosBan Reactor
Connect PhosBan Reactor to your protein skimmer's air intake with a CDX Adapter
CO2 depleted air is blown into the protein skimmer which then draws the CO2 from the tank
Available in two sizes - 750 mL jar will last about 6-8 weeks in the average 50 - 100 gallon reef aquarium. CDX Media is exhausted when it changes from white to pink.

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