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Two Little Fishies MegaVeggieMag

Brief Description: The Two Little Fishies MegaVeggieMag is a powerful magnetically coupled clip and feeding point for holding seaweed or other food items on aquarium walls. It is essentially the same as the Two Little Fishies Veggie Mag, but with a magnet for thicker aquariums (1/2" to 3/4"). The stronger magnet is useful as it will keep the magnet in place when bigger fish are feeding.
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Although the regular VeggieMag is designed to work on glass up to 3/4” thick when feeding normal-sized fish, big Angelfish, Naso Tangs, Triggerfish or Harlequin wrasse, among other voracious muscular beasts, can defeat its magnetic coupling. They even take great pleasure in running at it and yanking it off the wall. Well now we have a response to this behavor: MegaVeggieMag, which uses a 1” diameter x 1” long ultra high strength Neodymium magnet, that will keep the clip in place. Watch the surprise in your big fishes’ eyes as they try but can’t yank the clip off. Be sure to fold the SeaVeggies sheet so that it forms a thick layer that stays in the clip jaws.

It can be easily positioned at any level and removed from the aquarium without getting one's hands wet. The clip assembly floats if it becomes uncoupled, and the outer magnet has a special grip and release polymer that holds it on the wall if the clip becomes uncoupled. Safe for glass and acrylic, but one must prevent picking up sand or gravel that would scratch the aquarium.

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