Sicce Whale 3, 4, 350-500 Mechanical Pads [3 pk]

Sicce Whale 3, 4, 350-500 Mechanical Pads [3 pk]

Brief Description: SICCE introduces these premium aquarium Replacement Filter Pads, die cut specifically for the Whale Canister Filters. Made from the highest quality materials, these pads meet every need for freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums.
  • Product No. FCSI-C535 - In Stock
Price: $11.99

SICCE Replacement Filter Pads are densely-packed and woven to provide healthy, crystal clear water.

AMMONIA - effectively removes harmful ammonia
CARBON - quickly removes unwanted odors and organics
PHOSPHATE - binds problem-causing phosphates
MECHANICAL - traps particulate matter and debris

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