AquaticLife Reno Freshwater LED Fixture [36 in. 15w] 1AquaticLife Reno Freshwater LED Fixture [36 in. 15w] 2

AquaticLife Reno Freshwater LED Fixture [36 in. 15w]

Brief Description: Features: Adjustable width Frame Mounts hold fixture securely above aquarium – 6 ft. Power Cord with durable on/off rocker switch for convenient lighting control – cUL Approved low-voltage power adapter – Blue, White and Red LED’s for Freshwater plants and fishes. 36 Inch model fits Aquarium Frames between 35.0 Inches and 39.0 Inches
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36-Inch Freshwater LED Fixture with (30) 1/2-Watt LED's, 8000K, 15 Watts, 1055 Lumens.
LED's: (15) 0.5W White, (7) 0.5W Blue, (8) 0.5W Red

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