Eshopps X-120 Agua-Skimmer [40-120 gal]
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Eshopps X-120 Agua-Skimmer [40-120 gal]

Brief Description: AQUA-SKIMMER is the New Generation of ESHOPPS COLOR-SERIES, AQUOS-CLASS hobbyist level line of Protein Skimmers. AQUA-SKIMMER continues to redefine simplicity, efficiency and Class. AQUA-SKIMMERS are loaded with New Features such as a 10mm skimmate drain port that allows easily adding a Skim Buddy remote skimmate collection reservoir. As well as a new In-Line internal pump configuration that substantially increases efficiency. In addition, a easy turn adjustable water level gate valve, and quick release pump mount with SICCE needle wheel pump. The New ESHOPPS COLOR-SERIES, AQUA-SKIMMER, AQUOS-CLASS Aqua Blue Colour theme line of Protein Skimmers are guaranteed to catch the eye of hobbyists.
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Independent Water & Air Ratio Adjustment from Silencer
Transparent Venturi
Ultra Quiet Performance
Unique Reaction Chamber
Adjustable Water Level Baffle

Diameter: 4 3/4"
Height: 18"
Footprint: 6.5" x 5 3/4"
Water Level: 7-9"
Tank Rating: 40-120g
Pump: SE-200
Watts: 10
Bioload Capacity: 75 – Heavy, 90 – Medium, 120 – Light

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