CaribSea Dragon Stone Freshwater Rock [25 lbs] 1CaribSea Dragon Stone Freshwater Rock [25 lbs] 2

CaribSea Dragon Stone Freshwater Rock [25 lbs]

Brief Description: Create a striking freshwater aquascape with CaribSea® Exotica™ Dragon Stone Freshwater Rock aquarium decor. Specially selected from around the world, these dramatic, organically shaped stones are the perfect backdrop for the most spectacular freshwater aquascapes
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Dragon Stone (also known as Ohko Stone) is named such for its unique texture that mimics a dragon's scales. In addition to adding visual appeal to your aquarium, the right decor can also help reduce fish stress by providing shelter.

Dragon Stone is all natural -- no paints, dyes, or plastic coatings. Stones are pre-cleaned and won't affect aquarium pH.

* All natural -- no paints, dyes, or plastic coatings
* Will not affect aquarium pH levels
* Natural, organic shapes give your aquarium visual appeal

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