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ISTA CO2 Diffuser Set

Brief Description: Ideal for Nano Tanks. These sets can be easily adapted to any kind of tank, even plug and play tanks. Ideal for beginners, and low light tanks, with low demands for CO2. The CO2 could last for months, if setup correctly. For low light tanks, the rate of 1 bubble every 5 seconds can guarantee the usage for months. Place the CO2 diffuser to the very bottom of the tank to achieve the best CO2 diffusing effect.
  • Product No. COIS-00512 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $12.02

A perfect CO2 supply for small planted aquarium or beginners.
Simple to set up and operate.
Extendable CO2 diffusing chamber provides options of CO2 supplying rate.

What's in the Box?
1 can full weight pressurized CO2 liquid
1 check valve
1 CO2 diffuser
1 flexible tube

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