Eshopps Barbed Return Jet 3/4 in.

Eshopps Barbed Return Jet 3/4 in.

Brief Description: The Eshopps Return Jet lets you attach your favorite type of 3/4 in. soft tubing like braided nylon or silicone. The return jet can hang on rimmed or rimless tanks that have a thickness less than 1.5 in. The swiveling ball joint lets you adjust the direction of the flow throughout your tank minimizing and eliminating dead spots. The 1 7/8 in. wide flare nozzle helps direct the water flow into a fan like shape.
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Price: $10.49

The Eshopps Return Jet:
Works with 3/4" soft tubing
Adjustable flare nozzle
1" diameter swivel ball joints
Perfect for fresh or saltwater aquariums
Fits most tanks with rims up to 1.5 in.

Inlet Barb Size - 3/4"
Dimensions - 3/4" x 3.25" x 5.75"
Flare Nozzle Dimensions - 1.75" x 1.875" 1"
Max Tank Thickness - 1.5 in.

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