ATI Blue Plus T5 [48 in. - 54w] - 4 PACK 1ATI Blue Plus T5 [48 in. - 54w] - 4 PACK 2

ATI Blue Plus T5 [48 in. - 54w] - 4 PACK

Brief Description: Widely regarded as the most popular reef aquarium T5 bulb of all time, Blue Plus combines the properties of a blue bulb (approximately 460nm) with an actinic bulb (approximately 420nm). This produces an intense blue light with high PAR numbers and a light spectrum that encourages both coloration in SPS corals and fluorescence in capable corals. It also helps balance washed out/yellow-hued tanks.
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Recommended as a supplement to LEDs and metal halides and commonly used for sunrise and sunset applications in T5 set ups.

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