Reef Brite Acrylic LED Mounting Bracket

Reef Brite Acrylic LED Mounting Bracket

Brief Description: These Acrylic Brackets attach to the back of your tank and can mount up to 5 Reef Brite Tech or XHO LED strips into the pre-drilled holes. Mount up to 5 Reef Brite Tech LED or XHO LED strips to make your own custom fixture. The Acrylic LED Mounting legs hold the strip LEDs in an arc focusing the light into your tank and decreasing light spill.
  • Product No. LIRB-ACRB101 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $154.99

LED Height over Tank Rim - 11"-12" (approx.)
Bracket Thickness - 17mm (0.66")
Max Aquarium Rim Width - 1"
Min Acrylic Tank Thickness - 1/2"
Min Glass Tank Thickness - 3/8"

What's Included?
2x Acrylic Mounting Arms
Mounting Arm Hardware

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